Slab Lifting

The Modern Alternative to conventional mud-jacking and pressure grouting.

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Void Filling

Fill any voided area with our super aggressive expanding Polymer Resin systems.

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Foundation Lifting

The cost effective alternative to conventional piling and piering to lift and/or stabilize foundations.

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Soils Stabilization

The POLY-MOR soils stabilization technology effectively densifies and strengthens weak base soils conditions.

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Leak Sealing

Where water infiltration or exfiltration is a concern

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Reinforced Polymer Base

Where settlement due to permafrost, ice lensing, muskeg or weak soil conditions prevail or where leaching into ground water is a concern.

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Polymer Piles

An alternative to traditional friction piling and sheet piling systems.

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Where load-transference or panel replacement repairs are required.

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A non-invasive and non-destructive inspection and analytical service which finds and maps voids under pavement.

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