This internationally patented process is a non-destructive and non-invasive inspection and analytical service which finds and maps voids under pavements.

The four-antennae system is mounted internally in a vehicle and scans a full twelve foot wide area while traveling at highway speeds. Incorporated into the system are Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology coupled with micro-odometer capabilities to accurately identify and map void locations.

Data is produced on color print-outs which clearly identify the location of voiding, the volume of voiding, the condition of the sub-surface system and location of any sub-grade utilities.

This service is provided on a cost basis to our clients on the contractual understanding that future remedial work on the structures Hyper-Optically scanned by POLY-MOR will be undertaken by POLY-MOR.


The Hyper-Optics technology is ostensibly applicable in the public works, industrial, and commercial markets where larger concrete and/or asphalt pavements are prevalent. Some examples of where Hyper-Optics can be employed include:

  • Concrete or asphalt paved highways.
  • Concrete or asphalt paved parking lots or storage areas.
  • Concrete runways and tarmacs.
  • Bridge abutments.

Key Benefits

Non-invasive — samples of the pavement and base are not required.

The data received requires no sophisticated interpretation — the voiding, the amount of voiding and location of voiding is clearly shown on coloured print-outs

An accurate analytical method to help determine the most effective focus for pavement preservation efforts and establishing priorities where budgetary constraints are a factor.

Quick! With no Traffic Interruption!

With the the Hyper-Optics system, we are able to effectively and efficiently determine the location and the volume of voiding under concrete and asphalt pavements. If you require such services please get in touch with POLYMOR Canada Inc. and we will arrange to have these services provided to you.

Example of the color display of the voiding.

Void Scan Panarama and Blow Up