Identify Challenge and Discover Solution:

Bridges & Roads
Settled bridge approach slabs – slab-on-grade or resting on sleepers
Settled concrete paved roads, highways, runways, tarmacs
Wash-out & sink-hole remediation
Construction on perma frost, reactive clays and other weak soils
Restoring load transfer to damaged concrete pavements
Any differentially settled non-structural slab-on-grade concrete structures in plants, warehouses, fire halls, public pools, walks, bus barns
Rocking concrete floor panels
Settled concrete parking/parkade structures
Settled walks, driveways, patios and poured in place steps
Slab-on Grade, Rafted & Footed
Abandoning of sub-grade culvert pipes and ducts
Annular space filling in tunneling and sleeving process
Water infiltration/exfiltration in tunnels, catch-basins, manholes, vaults, deep storm systems, lift stations
Secondary containment, tailings ponds