POLY-MOR resins can be applied at extreme temperatures. Tests have been undertaken at the University of Alberta cold room where POLY-MOR resins were applied at 30 degrees centigrade with excellent results. These results have important ramifications for undertaking work in the northern climates.

It is noted that typically Slab-Lifting work is halted when some 2″ — 3″ of frost has formed in the base soils. It is not that POLY-MOR cannot lift settled slabs under these conditions but typically what happens is the frozen base soils adhere to the underside of the slab so in the lifting process not only the slab is lifted but also who knows how mush base soils is being lifted as well. In lifting this additional load, cracking of the concrete slab is usually encountered and POLY-MOR prides itself in minimizing the possibility of slab-cracking in our lifting process. Additionally, when the ice crystals in the frozen ground melt in the spring re-settlement of the concrete slab will probably be the result.

POLY-MOR resin systems used in lifting and void-filling have very high thermal characteristics with R-Values being in the range of R-5.5 — R-6 per inch of thickness.