Our unique and effective process for slab-lifting employs an array of special high density expanding polymers which are injected through small 5/8″ holes drilled directly through the concrete slab. As the resin mixture expands, voids are filled and a controlled mold pressure is exerted on a limited (8 to 10 foot diameter) area. The aggressive nature of our resins not only effectively fill voids under concrete slabs but also effectively under-seal the slabs and helps in preventing water infiltration. Once the voids are filled a controlled lift will ensue to align differentially settled slabs or lift settled concrete panels.

Typically, the only limiting factor to lifting settled concrete slabs is if the slab is a structural slab. (Lifting structural slabs has been effected but in most cases the concrete starts to break-up due to the friction on the piles of the structural slab). Our hydro-insensitive polymer resins work equally effectively in lifting concrete panels in wet sub-strates. Any trapped water is forced out of the voids and replaced with a stable and long-lasting base material. The composite material quickly cures so as soon as the work zone is cleared away, the work area is immediately ready for normal traffic use.


This technology is applicable in the industrial, commercial, residential, public works and institutional markets where the lifting of differentially settled slabs or settled concrete slabs is required. Some examples of specific Slab-Lifting uses include:

  • Concrete paved highways
  • Bridge abutments
  • Airport runways and tarmacs
  • Hockey arena and curling rink floors
  • Patios
  • Garage pads
  • Driveways
  • Walks
  • Swimming pools, decks and aprons

Any slab-on-grade structure constructed for industrial, commercial, residential, Public Works or institutional purposes!