POLY-MOR Canada Inc. has been granted the rights to Canada to the patented process developed by URETEK U.S.A. Inc. to the remedial system designed for restoring load-transfer to jointed, cracked, spalled or otherwise damaged concrete pavements and concrete slabs. The Stitch-In-Time System uses a series of half-inch saw cut slots cut transversely across the joint to be repaired to position a one-quarter inch thick composite insert. The slots and inserts are filled with sand and bonded into place with a hybrid high-density polymer resin. Rapid curing characteristics allow almost immediate traffic restoration.


The Stitch-In-Time technology is ostensibly applicable in the public works, industrial, and commercial markets where load-transference repairs are required. Some examples of Stitch-in-Time uses include:

  • Between panels on concrete paved city roads.
  • Tying pre-cast bridge deck sections together.
  • Between concrete panels in large warehouse and plant facilities.

Key Advantages

Greater strength and stiffness than the traditional steel dowel retro-fit repair’ (DBR).

Enhanced pavement performance due to stronger and stiffer joints.

Extremely quick — where traditional steel dowel retrofitting or concrete panel replacement could take weeks. Utilizing the Stitch-in-Time System will reduce time to a 24 hour period thereby minimizing disruption to traffic or business.

Immediate use of treatment area after the Stitch-in-Time process is completed.

Cost effective — laboratory tests suggest that this joint repair system may repair joints better and be less expensive than traditional steel re-bar repairs.