Concrete Slab Lifting Engineering

High Efficiency Polymer products for multiple engineering use cases

Poly-Mor Canada Inc. has worked closely with engineers and universities for decades to deliver products and services that match the unprecedented demand in today’s construction industry. Our proprietary foam products and installation techniques allow us to do many things that no other company is able to match in the construction and repair sector. From leak sealing large cracks in secant walls to void filling underneath highways from the side to not disrupt traffic. With our experience and products we can accomplish the impossible.

Settled Concrete Issues

  • Settled Bridge Approach Slabs – slab on grade or resting on sleepers
  • Settled concrete paved roads, highways,runways,tarmacs
  • Settled concrete rail crossing structures
  • Any differentially settled non-structural slab-on-grade concrete structures in plants, warehouses
  • Settled concrete parking/parkade structures
  • Settled Walks, driveways, patios, and poured in place steps
  • settled pool decks and aprons

Slab Lifting

Voided Areas / Leaks

  • Rocking Floor Panels
  • Weak Base Soils
  • Void Conditions under floor Slab
  • Wash-out and sink hole remediation
  • Trip Hazards on Deferentially settled walk panels
  • Strengthen hollow core block walls
  • Abandoning of sub-grade pipes and ducts
  • Leaking walls in new and existing parkades

Soils Stabilization

Void Filling

Leak Sealing

Eroded Areas/New Construction on active base

  • Construction on perma frost, reactive clays and other weak soils
  • Erosion Control
  • Secondary Containment, tailings ponds
  • Shoring system in granular soils

Reinforced Polymer Base

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