Industrial & Commercial Concrete Slab Lifting

Losing money from issues of settlement, leaking or voids?

We can help with many issues that arise in the industrial and commercial workplace. Whether your CNC machine is tilted from floor settlement or your concrete runway can’t hold up 747’s anymore, Poly-Mor has a solution that is both cost effective, and has minimal intrusion and downtime. You will be back in business with everything running a lot smoother; sooner then you think is possible.

Settled Concrete Issues

  • Settled shops / plant floors
  • Trip hazards on differentially settled walk panels
  • Settled concrete parking / loading areas
  • Foundation settlement
  • Settled office floors
  • Settled retail/ wholesale floors

Slab Lifting

Voided Areas / Leaks

  • Rocking floor panels
  • Weak base soils
  • Void conditions under floor slab
  • Wash-out and sink hole remediation
  • Trip hazards on differentially settled walk panels
  • Strengthen hollow core block walls
  • Abandoning of sub-grade pipes and ducts
  • Leaking walls in new and existing parkades

Void Filling Leak Sealing Soils Stabilization

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