Leak Sealing

Our process for leak-sealing employs a special high density hydro-insensitive resin which is injected through small 5/8″ holes drilled directly through the concrete or metal wall parallel with the crack or break that requires sealing . As the resin mixture expands, voids are firstly filled and a controlled mold pressure is exerted. The aggressive nature of the POLY-MOR resin expands, fills and seals cracks in the retaining structure from the outside, inwards.

Although our resins are hydro-insensitive our application is limited to environments where “fast moving” water is not a condition since our resins are also liquid in form.

The composite material quickly cures to a strong, stable and long-lasting seal. Our process is particularly adaptable to manhole rehabilitation where water or wastewater infiltration or exfiltration is of concern. Water infiltration adds significant costs in water treatment and exfiltration may cause ground water contamination.


  • Storm/wastewater manhole rehabilitation
  • Basement walls and below grade parkades
  • Culverts, utilidors and other sub-grade conduits
  • Sub-grade vaults and lift-stations
  • Mine water infiltration
  • Earth dam sealing
  • Septic tanks
  • Pools
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Septic waste systems rehabilitation
  • Leaking secant walls

Key Benefits

POLY-MOR material is guaranteed for a period of 10 years against any significant deterioration.

The aggressive nature of POLY-MOR resins ensures superior sealing qualities.

The closed cell nature of POLY-MOR material is unaffected by freeze-thaw cycling.

POLY-MOR material is environmentally friendly.

Extremely clean process.

POLY-MOR resins are impervious to water and other liquids.

POLY-MOR resins are highly insulative.

No excavations are required to treat the leaks — Non-Intrusive.

With POLY-MOR Technology, it is possible to seal an extremely broad range of leak conditions, even if you are confronted with a water leak!

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This technology is applicable in the industrial, commercial, residential, public works and institutional markets where water leaks are a problem.

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